3 January 2014


Looooong time no news and shows and nothing! Three out of four members of ISOLATION have been and still are too buisy with different things at the moment! We were forced to make a break!
We will start playing shows again in march! Please get in touch!
But we haven´t been too lazy! We are writing new material that will come out plus the songs from the tape release on SHORT FUSE RECORDS on vinyl in spring 2014! Watch out for news!
AND: The Crucial Response Sampler "Starting from Zero" with two ISOLATION songs is finally available now! Check out the label Website!
See you soon! HC!

4 August 2013


Check out these new bands with ISOLATION members and very good old friends of us! 

Heavy Mosh HC with two ISOLATION members! If you like it the hard way buy their upcoming 7 inch! 

This is agressive and brutal HC out of Berlin with some help from Moscow! This is vegan straight edge! This is hardcore! In a few weeks you can order their brandnew 7 song demo tape! Don´t miss it! Edge !

10 July 2013

27 May 2013

New Shirts! ACAB!

black on white and black on grey! Anvil Shirts!

4 May 2013

News News News

Hello Everybody! Oi!
We have a lot of news for you fellas. First: We have a new man on guitar. Matze is to buisy with other shit that we replaced him with our friend Sasse (Annotation/ Beneath the wheel)! You can check that dude out on one of this upcomimng shows! Note: The show in cologne is cancelled...sad!

Second: We have a new shirt design! Come to the shows - we can´t show them here cause it´s x-rated!
Third: We have new bags. Here they are:
And last but not least: The tape will be out in four weeks! We are in the final works...! The CR Sampler will take some more time - but Peter told me that it´s almost done as well! Next week we will pre-release one new song of each of those upcomimng releases to check them out right here! Stay rude - stay rebel! HC! ISOLATION

28 January 2013

New release comin soon...!

We will hit the studio again to record some new material in march. The 4 new songs are going to be released by our local record label CUT THE CORD THAT...and it´s only gonna be released on tape!
We keep you updated right here.
dance hard or die! 

17 January 2013

Hengelo Video and more!

Thanks to Sunny from hate5sixproductions and Fabian!