4 May 2013

News News News

Hello Everybody! Oi!
We have a lot of news for you fellas. First: We have a new man on guitar. Matze is to buisy with other shit that we replaced him with our friend Sasse (Annotation/ Beneath the wheel)! You can check that dude out on one of this upcomimng shows! Note: The show in cologne is cancelled...sad!

Second: We have a new shirt design! Come to the shows - we can´t show them here cause it´s x-rated!
Third: We have new bags. Here they are:
And last but not least: The tape will be out in four weeks! We are in the final works...! The CR Sampler will take some more time - but Peter told me that it´s almost done as well! Next week we will pre-release one new song of each of those upcomimng releases to check them out right here! Stay rude - stay rebel! HC! ISOLATION