6 August 2012


Last week the 5 songs made their way into the pressing plant. Two of them are posted now including their lyrics. On the right you can see the regular frontcover. Preorder info will be posted next week.
Always stick by your friends - They'll be there til the end. We must be united as one!

Isolation Lyrics.
Isolation: Do you feel? Don´t you feel? What I feel? No matter where I go I don´t see any light. Society doesn´t want me I´m an outcast for life. Do you feel? Don´t you feel? What I feel? Isolation!
Worlds decline: What have we done to the essence of life. Erased all the green and blackened the sky. Devoid of love no change in sight. Most beautiful days turning into dark nights. Creatures are living in captivity. Through mankinds torture and cruelty. Outworn tradition are killing their lives. Society`s greed is the worlds decline. Show a caring heart and some compassion. Think about it - in the name of liberation.